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'My teenage daughter has been seeing Lisa for a few months now (before and after Covid lockdown). We spent many years working with NHS therapists before finding Lisa. What a difference Lisa has made. She is the first therapist my daughter has trusted and felt comfortable being her true self with. Lisa puts her at the centre of each session and this has made my child feel empowered. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to see their child flourish. In my childs words "Lisa has made me feel valid".                                  E. 

'Lisa has been able to get my very reluctant teenager to meet and engage with her. Trust Is still being gained but Lisa is very accommodating, easy to work with but above all is her amazing side kick Fozzie '                       R. 

'Just a quick message to say this year has been the hardest and I cannot thank you enough for your support, you quite literally saved me. I wish nothing but the best for you, you are an angel in disguise... '


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